Report analytics is only available to customers on the Silver or higher package

You can watch our video on how to use the analytics feature here.

Report analytics is a feature that allows you to quickly analyse and gain insight into the reports submitted into your Culture Shift system. Access to analytics is granted based on the team the member is in, and there are the following levels of access to analytics available:

  • Access to analytics on all reports
  • No access to analytics
  • If a user has the "Some Reports" or "Assigned" access permission for reports, they can have their analytics access limited to only the reports that they can access in the reports page
  • Otherwise, a filter similar to the "Some reports" filter can be set up so they can only run analytics on reports which match that filter

There are three ways to use the analytics system:

  • At A Glance shows you summary statistics so you can quickly see how your system is performing;
  • In Detail allows you to break down reports according to question answers, reporting forms and outcomes to get a clear picture of what kinds of reports you are receiving; and
  • Over Time allows you to view your data over different time periods so you can see trends in your reporting data.