Multiple reporting sites

For large, international companies and institutions, having a single global reporting site might not work. Culture Shift allow you to have multiple Report + Support sites, where reports come through to the same admin dashboard.

If you would like to have multiple sites, please contact your relationship manager to discuss the options available to you. Each Report + Support site will have its own web address, branding, support articles and campaigns which are managed within the dashboard. If you have multiple sites, selecting "Sites" in the header will then show you a list of sites you can manage, and you can select the site to view the CMS and site settings for that particular site, and edit the branding and content appropriately.

You may also wish to alter your form setup for each subsite. We recommend keeping the different forms as close to each other as possible in order to maximise the value the analytics system gives you, but some questions (for example, location or department lists) might need to be tailored based on the site. Your relationship manager can advise you on these.

You may also wish to set up local teams to triage the reports locally, in addition to global administrators and analytics. The teams feature supports this. If you create a local team that only has access to "Some cases" and set the team up with "Form" access corresponding to the forms on that site, then that team will receive submissions from that site to triage rather than relying on a central team.