Name matching

View the name matching feature how-to video here

When you open a report you will now see any names that have been detected in the report at the top of the page in blue. When there are no names mentioned in the report then you will not see any names at the top. When a name is shown at the top of the report, there will be a number next to each one.

If there is a number ‘1’ next to the name then this signifies that this name is mentioned in one report which is the one you currently have open. When there is a number next to the name which is greater than ‘1’, that means that the name is also mentioned in other reports; the number next to the name is the total number of reports where the name is mentioned.

When you click on a name, a small window will open, with a list of all the reports where the name has been mentioned. The list will show the ID number, status, and date each report was made. You can click on any of the reports in the list to go to them. Clicking your browser's back button will take you back to the previous report.

If a report is flagged as linked to other reports but you know that they don’t relate to each other for whatever reason, you can click the “Ignore this name” button above the list of linked reports. Clicking the “ignore” button on the next small window will unlink the current open report from any other reports with the same name mentioned in them. If you want to undo this then you can go to the ‘Activity’ tab in the report and click “Undo”. The report will then show the other reports with the same name mentioned again at the top of the report.

If you never want to have a name detected or linked in any past, current, or future reports, for example, if a campus building name (named after a person) keeps linking reports. Then you can click “Ignore this name” and before you click “Ignore” click the checkbox to “Ignore this name in all existing and future reports”. In order to undo this action, you will need to go to the ‘Admin’ tab on the left-hand menu and navigate to the “Name matching” tab. Here you can click on the name and then click "Restore". This name will now be highlighted at the top of each report that it is mentioned in.