Risk Assessments

Click here to view a video on how to use risk assessments.

For partners on our gold package, you can manage risk assessments associated with reports. To access this feature, click on a particular report and select the Risk Assessments tab.

If there is no risk assessment associated with the report, then this screen will show you a button to start a new risk assessment. Otherwise, this page will show you the most recent completed risk assessment, or your current draft.

When a risk assessment is created, it is created in a draft state. This means it is only visible to you as the author. Draft risk assessments are automatically saved after every change, and you can see the state of this in the top corner. You can also manually save your risk assessment, or press the delete button to discard your draft.

You can navigate through the form to fill in the fields - you do not need to fill in all fields, only those that are relevant to this case and your organisation. At the bottom of each page, you can use back or next to navigate to the next pages, or use the navigator at the top of the risk assessment tab.

Some questions have follow up questions, for example, if you select "Yes" in some questions then a follow-up text box may appear. Some questions also allow you to enter multiple answers on different lines. An "Add" button appears below these questions allowing you to add multiple lines, and a "Remove" button to the right of each question.

Once you have completed a risk assessment, on the final page you can choose to save and complete which will publish the risk assessment to be visible to all who have access to the report.

You can switch between draft and different versions of completed risk assessments using the dropdown on the right hand side. You can see the status of a risk assessment and if it's the most recent or not using the indicators at the top of the report.

You can delete a completed risk assessment if you have permission to redact information from reports by using the "Delete assessment" button, providing a rationale if necessary. Deletions show in the updates feed for the report.

You can see all risk assessments related to a report in the Activity tab on the report page, or in the drop down menu on the right on the risk assessment page.