Inserting analytics data into Insights reports

A key advantage of writing your reports within the Report + Support platform is that you have immediate access to the data and charts from the Analytics system. To use it, click the "insert analytics data" button.

Using this feature requires you to have permission to analyse all reports. Users without full analytics access can still create, edit and view Insights reports, but cannot edit or insert analytics charts and tables.

You will first be asked whether you want to use In detail or Over time data. In either case, the familiar analytics UI will appear within a dialog box. From here you can customise the chart or table as you normally would, and then either insert it into your report, or else cancel the dialog and not insert the chart.

Editing data within a chart or table

In the event that you have other data, from outside the system, the analytics system cannot take it into account. Therefore, before clicking "insert", you can click "edit data", which will show you your data in table view (even if you are inserting a chart) and allow you to change any values you need to.

If you need to change anything else about the chart, click the "chart builder" button in the bottom left corner to return to the normal analytics UI. Doing this will cause new data to be loaded from the analytics system, which will overwrite any edits you have made. Therefore it is important to make the chart look how you want before moving on to the "edit data" screen.

Bear in mind while editing this data that the way totals are calculated means the system cannot always calculate them for you, so you will have to keep the total column up to date if you edit data that includes one.

Editing an existing chart or table

You can change the chart later using the "edit" button above it. This includes editing the data and how the chart or table looks. Again you can save or cancel any changes you make. Note that none of these changes will be stored in the dashboard until the report itself is saved.