A note about filtering in the In Detail view

There is one slight exception to the normal filtering behaviour added to the In Detail view. This is done to make the page feel more natural, and most users will never notice it, but since it's important that you understand how the analytics system produces the data it does, it is explained here.

Suppose you are creating a graph of incident types, but you only care about bullying and harassment in particular. You have selected 'incident type' as the report question and added a filter to show only reports with bullying or harassment selected.

Say the graph shows that you have 80 bullying reports and 110 harassment reports. Suppose in one of the 'harassment' reports, the reporter selected both 'harassment' and 'assault' as the incident type. Since this report is included in the analysis, the normal behaviour would be to produce a graph that showed 80 bullying reports, 110 harassment reports, and 1 assault reports. While this data is correct, it is so confusing as to be actively misleading, so in this case the 'assault' bar is hidden completely.

This applies automatically, whenever you filter the reports by the same dimension you're analysing along.

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