Tables in Insights report

Note that if you want to insert a table of data generated by our Analytics system, you should use the 'Insert analytics data' button instead.

The 'Insert table' button allows you to create a table containing any kind of data or text. When you click the button, you will be asked for the number of rows and columns you want. This can be changed later so don't worry about getting it right.

The table will then be created, along with a caption beneath it. Captions are optional and if you leave it blank then it will not appear in the published report.

To enter text into the table, click the cell you want to edit and start typing. A button will appear on the right hand side of the cell offering a drop-down menu with options to insert and remove rows and columns, or delete the entire table. If the cell is in the top row, you can toggle whether that row is a header, and similarly if the cell is in the leftmost column, you can toggle whether that column is a header.