Handling deleted options

If you have at any point changed your lists of options for any questions, then older reports might still contain these legacy answers.

This can result in unexpected values in the report listing page, the report viewing page and the In Detail analytics view.

It is also possible to use these deleted options in filters, using the "show deleted options" toggle at the bottom of the filter list.

Sometimes this will happen when an option is renamed — for example if you have renamed a building or department, or changed the wording of a question. In these cases you proabably want to treat these old options as interchangeable with the new ones. Specifically in the In Detail analytics view you can do this yourself using grouping, but in other contexts please raise a support ticket with Culture Shift and we can permanently combine two options. (Note that this does not change the text shown on the report screen, just how they are considered for analytics, team permissions, filters, etc.)