What's New

The underlying principles of Report + Support were originally developed in collaboration with the Equality, Diversity and Diversity Team at the University of Manchester and launched in February 2017.

Since then, we have worked with many other HE Institutions across the UK and Europe to integrate additional functionality and increase the security of the system, which made up version 1 of Report + Support.

In September 2019, Culture Shift launched Report + Support version 2. Unlike version 1, version 2 moves to a “continuous delivery” model of rollout with regular small improvements rather than larger releases. As such, version 2 is versioned by release date, rather than version number, and all customers receive the upgraded version immediately. This page logs those changes.

May 2nd 2024

  • Improved notification emails to contain better context about what they are, as well as a link to the report they refer to.
  • Name Matching has been improved, so it should deal with multiple names in the same report better than it did previously.
  • Added a better way of handling errors. Now when a user gets an error message, they’ll see a unique error code that they can report when they report the issue.
  • Fixed some layout issues on the content page.
  • Fixed an issue in analytics where a group with a longer name would cause some text overflow issues.
  • Fixed some layout issues in the reports page.
  • Fixed some padding issues on various buttons around the dashboard.

April 23rd 2024

  • Files uploaded to a report via the dashboard are now labelled with their original file name and extension to make identification easier.
  • Fixed an issue with Data Exports where larger Exports weren’t being split properly, so the user would only receive partial data.

April 15th 2024

  • Changed the overflow menu to an Icon button to make it more consistent across the app.
  • Improved the Thank You page by making the spacing around the boxes more consistent.
  • Tabbed content is now labelled in sentence case instead of title case.
  • Added a new empty state to the content page. This will appear when you create a category but don’t add any support articles.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the loading spinner when archiving a report.
  • Fixed a padding issue on the MFA entry page.
  • Fixed an issue where the date picker would load partially scrolled in some instances.

March 25th 2024

  • Improved contrast on report action buttons for better accessibility.
  • Improved dropdown AI component.
  • Improved the efficiency of some of our larger API calls.

March 12th 2024

  • Improved the zip process for Data Exports, making it more efficient for larger exports.
  • Improved the contrast for buttons with hover states so that they stand out more.

March 6th 2024

  • Improved header UI component.
  • Added “Edit” title to the Edit button in content page.

March 5th 2024

  • Improved how we handle empty text fields. Users will now see a validation message informing them when a text field needs to be filled in.
  • Fixed an issue where exports were failing because they didn’t have enough storage space.
  • Fixed an issue where Outcomes data was missing when “only export selected columns” was ticked.

February 28th 2024

  • Made the full Name Matching process more efficient so that it doesn’t time out when doing a full Name Matching update for a larger organisation.

February 20th 2024

  • Fixed an issue where a full data export would time out if an organisation had a lot of data. We’ve improved the process for doing this, so it should be more efficient.
  • Fixed an issue where the time open was empty for reports that were less than a day old. If the report is less than a day old, you’ll see that reflected in the “Time Open” field on the Report list and on the Report itself.
  • Improved Accessibility of both the dashboard and the reporting site by adding better screenreader labels to alert boxes. This will help screenreader users know the context of an alert.

February 12th 2024

  • Fixed an issue where a User would see an error message when they tried to export a report. We’ve made the process for exporting a report more efficient behind the scenes, which should fix similar errors going forward.

February 8th 2024

  • Fixed an issue around report linking - a user will now get an error message if they try to link a report that doesn’t exist, or that they don’t have access to. Previously they would see an endless loading spinner.
  • Fixed an issue where interactive elements in headers (buttons, toggles, etc.) were overflowing to the line below. They’ll now appear in line with the text.

February 5th 2024

  • Name detection improvements
  • New Report summary panel
  • New look Activity feed
  • New Report Linking
  • Improvement to insights reports. Live data has changed alert only shows when needed
  • Tab bar accessibility improvements
  • Updates to the DNS settings page
  • Renamed some tabs
  • Updates to Crowdin translation service
  • User-guide links updated
  • Alert banner improvements
  • Updated banners, and new illustrations
  • Screen reader improvements for Report page
  • Updated chart colours
  • Risk assessment improvements
  • Improvements to data exports with invalid characters
  • Unsaved changes dialog bug fix
  • Export reports bug fix
  • Security fix for MFA

December 18th 2023

  • Fix for missing translations
  • Icon Buttons now have hover states
  • The forgotten password link is now accessible

December 6th 2023

  • Fix for a rendering glitch in In Detail analytics.
  • Fix a crash in In Detail analytics, which would prevent charts rendering when there are very small numbers of reports in the filter.
  • Fix a crash in At A Glance analytics for organisations with no “Incident Type” question.
  • The “Thank You” text can now be split into separate “thankyou” and “additional support” sections.
  • Fixed a bug where Insights reports published with private links were listed on the reporting site (but could not be read from there).
  • Fixed a bug where names detected in reports are mishandled. We’ll need another update to apply the fix to old data, so the fix won’t be seen immediately, but new reports should be flagged correctly.
  • Hide the “add team” button for users who do not have permission to add a team.
  • Fix bug where charts couldn’t be exported with certain view settings.
  • More parts of the content editor are in dialog boxes rather than separate pages.

November 6th 2023

  • Added the ability to preview long text boxes by hovering over the icon on the reports page.
  • Expanded support for textboxes which take a URL.
  • Analytics charts and tables now link to the filtered reports for more questions.
  • More content page improvements.
  • Improved drag and drop functionality.

October 17th 2023

  • Labels in charts and tables in Analytics now appear in alphabetical order
  • Analytics charts/tables (outside of Insights reports) now link back to the filtered report list where possible
  • Editing images in Insights reports should be possible now if the image does not load or is very small
  • Pasting block elements (tables, images, etc) into Insights reports should break up the existing text more intelligently than before
  • Some text boxes that ask you for a URL will add "https://" if you don’t provide a protocol (or an email address)

October 5th 2023

  • Update to campaign ordering in the Resources tab
  • Added a link to the documentation and video guide when creating a new Insights report
  • Your choice of columns on the reports listing page is now saved across sessions and devices
  • Fixed a visual bug where the "edit user" page would briefly show an error message instead of a loading spinner
  • More helpful error messages in certain circumstances
  • An internal change which may help with the email notification issue that some partners have been experiencing
  • Part one of a redesign of the site content editor
  • Text labels in "in detail" charts and tables inserted into Insights reports are now user-editable

September 25th 2023

  • Customers can now unarchive reports on their own
  • All toasts can now be dismissed, so they won’t obscure important buttons
  • The Awareness Days campaign is visible in the Resources section

September 15th 2023

  • A bugfix for the “context-aware title” editor
  • A bugfix where the “link to reporting site” buttons would send you to a malformed URL
  • A bugfix for some layout issues in the “grouping” sidebar in In Detail analytics which caused it to be unusable for some queries
  • Changes to email notifications, most notably that they now show the name of the user/team they were sent to.

September 5th 2023

  • Fix bugs in Analytics where filtering out every report would cause a crash, rows in charts could show with zero bars in them in certain circumstances, and "show zero bars" would filter out too many bars.
  • Update styling of tables in Analytics.
  • Remove "inline" toasts — all toasts now appear in the lower right corner.
  • Visual change to margins in dialog boxes, inline alerts, and overall page widths.
  • Allow three- and six-month periods to be analysed in Over Time.
  • Fix bug where assignable teams and users were not appearing in the correct order.
  • Behind-the-scenes upgrade of GraphQL layer.
  • Added label to "expand" buttons in reporting sites, so they are accessible to screen-reader users.
  • Fixed visual bug with the activity feed filter buttons.
  • Updated the 'help' links in the navigation bar.
  • Server-side validation errors now render to the user instead of showing "an error occurred".
  • Segmented controls no longer show the focus ring to mouse users.

July 17th 2023

  • Fixed a bug where reporting sites' favicons were not displaying.
  • Removed support for obsolete Google Universal Analytics.

June 5th 2023

  • Support for Google Analytics v4.
  • Fixed a bug when exporting charts from Analytics.

May 24th 2023

  • Improved accessibility when using in-product dialog boxes.
  • Bugfix allowing partners with multiple reporting sites to more easily tell them apart in the dashboard.
  • Improved error reporting in the single-sign-on login flow.
  • Various under-the-hood fixes to improve stabilty.

March 22nd 2023

  • Fix a bug where some users were unable to access the site content editor.

March 21st 2023

  • Fix a bug where the team editor would sometimes show incorrect data when it loaded.

March 20th 2023

  • Fix a bug where some users were unable to assign reports to individual users.

March 17th 2023

  • Support for video embeds in the "about reporting" text.
  • A few small visual improvements.
  • Bugfix to allow teams with site management permission to be deleted directly. (Previously the permission had to be removed first.)
  • Bugfix to allow exporting data with missing attachments, say because an image hosted elsewhere is embedded in a support article and the image host has later removed it.

March 2nd 2023

  • New feature: A new “About reporting” panel appears on the “Report” page, which includes some default text which we would then encourage you to edit. This gives people a space to put information such as flow diagrams or videos about the reporting process.
  • Makes loading of styling more resilient, to fix a bug where sometimes a reporting site will fail to load all the styling and look broken, and it will be “stuck” in this state despite refreshes.
  • Improved accessibility of the risk assessments pages.
  • Fixes an accessibility bug where keyboard users can not escape the Chart settings widget on the Analytics page.
  • Fixed an accessibility on the report form, if screen readers used the “Skip to content” button, it would take them back to the first page of the form. Some other small usability improvements for screen readers were also made,
  • Fixes a bug where name detection would fail if there were too many names in a comment (or the same name was mentioned in too many reports).
  • More behind the scenes work running AI across all of our partners forms to better understand how they perform relative to each other to inform our research.

February 21st 2023

  • Bugfix: screenreaders will now announce when tabbed content is loaded.
  • Further improvements to the font settings controls and SSO error reporting in the previous release.

February 13th 2023

  • PDF exports are now more reliable and more attractive.
  • Improved the experience of reporting for screenreader users.
  • Various fixes and improvements to the cookie opt-in/out UI on reporting sites.
  • Improved error reporting when trying to add an SSO user which already exists.
  • Bug fix: changes to font settings in the site settings editor now save more reliably.
  • Bug fix: screenreader users can now continue using the dashboard after closing a modal.

January 20th 2023

  • Bug fix: Exporting a single report as zipped HTML now works as expected.

January 16th 2023

  • A major change to the reporting site structure: The options along the top are now “Support”, “Report” and “Campaigns”, with the “Home” page link disappearing. The Home page to the app is now the support page, but it still includes the report links at the top so it behaves similar to the old home page works. Campaigns are no longer on the homepage, but instead only on the campaign page, but now all support categories are shown on the homepage not just the first 6. As a result of this, there is one fewer banner to be set up on the site settings page.
  • A bug fix where redacted report fields are no longer incorrectly redacted in full in the Excel export, only the redacted parts are redacted

January 9th 2023

  • Bug fix: The analytics page is now running back at full speed

January 5th 2023

  • Improvements to button and drop-down designs
  • Improved formatting in exported spreadsheets
  • Bug fix: the filter panel no longer re-runs its view logic when the filter changes, making it easier and less frustrating to use
  • Bug fix: any new external links in form content should open in a new tab, making it easier for reporters to get back to their in-progress report

December 8th 2022

  • Accessibility improvements to the reporting form relating to definitions

November 22nd 2022

  • Bug fix: You can now specify the current date as the start date for the site settings banner.
  • The numbers in the table on the “Over Time” analytics page now also clicks through to show the appropriate reports, to match the behaviour on the “In Detail” page

November 10th 2022

  • Bug fix: changing the date range on the "analytics in detail" page no longer resets other chart settings.
  • Bug fix: warning text on the "analytics in detail" page is no longer hidden when switching the display options from table to chart.
  • Bug fix: bulk creating more than four users at a time no longer crashes.
  • Bug fix: the date picker is now fun to use and doesn't glitch weirdly when entering dates in the text fields.

October 25th 2022

  • Partners tagged as belonging to the workplace sector now receive a version of our risk assessment adjusted for workplaces.
  • The "raising awareness" campaign is now available to and configured for partners tagged as belonging to the workplace sector.
  • Improved encouragement for anonymous reporters to make a named report: reassuring text is shown upon a reporter choosing an option for the "Why are you reporting anonymously?" question.
  • Partners can now set start/end dates on emergency/site closure notices.
  • Dropped support for Internet Explorer 11.
  • Performance improvements to our API.
  • Updated the guidance for creating branding to make it clearer.
  • Buttons indicating a "dangerous" action have been made less inviting to click on.
  • Bug fixes: Welsh resources download links work correctly and no longer download the English equivalents; pasting text into some text boxes no longer replaces existing text; all audit log entries are now human-readable; opening/closing categories on the reporting site no longer overlays text on occasion; other minor bug fixes.

October 5th 2022

  • Users can now edit the outcomes of a closed report without re-opening it.
  • Updates to the content and layout of the resources page.
  • Various bugfixes and graphical improvements.
  • Improved handling and presentation of 'toast' alerts.

September 12th 2022

  • Image questions no longer appear in the reports list column selector.
  • An improved experience for reporters who clear cookies while filling in the form.
  • Various bugfixes.

August 31st 2022

  • Updated content on the resources tab.
  • Several minor graphical tweaks.
  • Fixes and improvements to data exporting.

August 25th 2022

  • In order to improve the reporter's experience, the Emergency Closure/Alert Notice now has a maximum character limit of 600 in order to discourage overly long messages which can put off reporters.
  • Several minor bug fixes

August 23rd 2022

  • You can now publicly track the status of the Culture Shift platform at https://status.culture-shift.co.uk/

August 22nd 2022

  • The previous release inadvertantly introduced a bug limiting the file size of image uploads to below the advertised limit. This has now been fixed.

August 18th 2022

  • Our best practice questions now include a “Where did this incident occur?” question. This question will then become analysable in the analytics questions, and also will become part of the self-service options editor.
  • If a user overrides the image check in the uploader to upload a non-image, they now receive a further warning
  • Bug fix for the new Instagram/LinkedIn icons being squashed in IE11
  • Bug fix when trying to ignore a matched name in an archived report (previously this would error as an archived report is read only, it now hides the option)
  • Bug fix when ignoring a matched name with rationale - the undo button wasn’t appearing (it now is)

August 10th 2022

  • Audit logging for changing site settings is now enhanced. Changing the site settings now logs in more detail which aspects of it were changed, rather than just recording a change to the site settings.

August 9th 2022

  • Bug fix: The "clear filters" button on the reports page now reliably works (sometimes it would not). Related to this, the reports page now starts with all filters cleared when logging in to a new session.
  • Internet Explorer is no longer supported for the dashboard, and now receives the unenhanced reporting site (it is functionally complete, but does not incorporate some usability nice-to-haves).

August 8th 2022

  • New feature: You can now add Instagram and LinkedIn social links to the footer of your reporting site
  • Proactive security improvements to the dashboard and reporting sites

August 2nd 2022

  • If a question has been redacted/edited, a badge is now shown next to the question indicating this to make it clearer if the data has been changed from what the reporter submitted.

July 26th 2022

  • When 2FA is deactivated, a password reset is now also done in order to prevent account lockout issues
  • If you use SSO, if a user recently tries to log in using SSO but does not match a known user, a warning will be shown on the users page allowing you to add this user. This will help where users are added using the wrong username or in the wrong format.

July 20th 2022

  • New feature: If you have an analytics chart with a split applied, but many of the values in that chart are "0", you can now disable "Show zero bars" in the chart settings to collapse the amount of vertical space taken up.
  • Bug fix: Clicking on a report in Safari on large screens would take you to the incorrect report, this has now been fixed.
  • Users can now longer attempt to delete themselves (previously to do so would cause a crash)
  • A bug has been fixed which prevented newly created users from changing their temporary password

July 18th 2022

  • New analytics feature: For partners which ask a question relating to the trans status of a reporter, you can now use that question in the analytics system
  • For analytics charts, options are now ordered as they would be on the reporting form when edit groups are used
  • The Resources page will now show you content tailored to your industry sector

July 12th 2022

  • New feature: Custom grouping for options in analytics. You now have more control over the options displayed in the analytics system. If the options are grouped in the form, you can now toggle the groups on and off in the analytics system (previously it was always on for faculty and not for anything else). You can also make new groups.
  • New feature: Analyse any question. For partners on our gold package who have added questions not part of our best practice questions, you can now utilise those custom questions in your analytics system.

July 8th 2022

  • An improved tooltip when hovering on the chart
  • Bug fix: Refreshing an analytics chart will no longer take you to the homepage

July 4th 2022

  • The Analytics over time page has been updated to match the styling of the In Detail page
  • When a question in analytics has been unanswered, you can now optionally apply toggle on a "Not answered" bar, which shows the number of reports where this question has skipped
  • Bug fix: Fixes a crash when applying a comparison year on the Over Time page
  • Bug fix: If the same support article is assigned to multiple incident types, then the same link would appear multiple times on the Thank You page. It now only shows once.

June 21st 2022

  • Bug fix: Prevent a crash in analytics when a question option is removed and then added back later

June 20th 2022

  • Bug fix: The toggle on the consultants page was not appearing

June 15th 2022

  • Fixes a bug which occurred when users tried to run analytics on a question that does not exist in their system
  • Fixes a crash that occurred with some combinations of data, questions and splits in analytics
  • If a user has hidden spam reports, they can no longer apply a contradictory filter to only see spam reports

June 10th 2022

  • New feature: You can now enable viewing percentages on the in detail page, rather than just total numbers (to see what proportion of total reports are included)

June 8th 2022

  • New feature: You can now apply a filter to the analytics pages, so you can analyse only a subset of reports. For example, you can apply a “student” filter so you’re only looking at student data in analytics regardless of any other questions or splits you apply
  • The structure of the chart on the In Detail page has changed - rather than being a stacked bar chart, it’ll appear with charts that are side-by-side
  • A bug fix for the date picker and the tooltip on the teams page on small screens
  • There is now a new “Chart options” dropdown which allows you more detail over how the chart on the analytics page loks
  • The colours of the heatmap have now been changed to improve clarity

May 25th 2022

  • New feature: For users that do not have access to all reports, you can now limit their access to the analytics system such that they can only see analytics about reports they have access to. For users that have no access to reports, a filter can be applied to limit the reports they can see in the analytics system.
  • Improvement: The "Over Time" page of the analytics system has been redesigned to make it clearer to see the data
  • Improvement: You can now pick "Last 12 months" in the date picker
  • Various visual bug fixes and improvements
  • Bug fixes if a session expires whilst you are using the app
  • Improved SEO for multi-language websites
  • Exporting all reports is now faster

April 26th 2022

  • Charts on the over time page can now be downloaded
  • Fixed a bug with the layout of the risk assessment form
  • Fixed a bug with the "total" column in table view on the analytics in detail page which did not accurately reflect the total number of reports in that category if the category allowed selecting multiple options

April 14th 2022

  • Improvement: Exports of charts now include the title of the chart which has been exported
  • Improved accessiblity for modals
  • Improved best practice questions for Further Education colleges
  • Bug fix where the "dismiss" button after copying a password was showing in the wrong place

April 7th 2022

  • Improvement: If you are a multi-lingual site, you can now add translations yourself when editing your option lists rather than having to raise a support ticket
  • Improvement: Additional resources are now available in the resources tab
  • Bug fix: reducing the number of crashes when generating an export as a PDF
  • Bug fix: sometimes in a PDF export one line would be split across 2 pages, this is now fixed
  • Bug fix: if you have embedded a YouTube video in a support article, it will no longer be too wide on mobile devices
  • Bug fix: reports with very long words in them could push the page to be too wide - they will now correctly break and wrap
  • Change: We have removed the "Export reports" button on the analytics page as it was confusing. The button is still on the reports page and in the admin section.

March 29th 2022

  • When exporting a report or risk assessment, this is now done as an encrypted PDF by default. A toggle is available to export the .zip file including all attachments.

March 17th 2022

  • When an error occurs loading a report in a dashboard, or if you attempt to access a report you do not have permission to view, then an improved error message is shown
  • Accessibility improvement: In the dashboard and on the reporting sites, links which open a new tab are now clearly indicated by an icon
  • Accessibility improvement: the difference between the question title and any optional instructions are now more clearly differentiated

March 14th 2022

  • When exporting an encrypted risk assessment, instructions are now shown on how to decrypt it
  • Fixes a bug where for some users opening the name matching list would fail

March 7th 2022

March 3rd 2022

  • Additional resources have been added to the resource section
  • The name matching feature now shows you which question (or a comment) a matched name appears in when opening the list of other reports
  • If you do not have access to see a report a named match appears in, a flag is now shown to indicate that there are more matches available than you can see
  • We have simplified the language around sending back a report to an administrator

February 23rd 2022

  • Accept rationales when reclassifying answers and ignoring matches.
  • Fixes for bugs when exporting HTML content.
  • Fix for but where reports could end up in the "assigned" state with no assignees.
  • Make tables whose rows are click targets more accessible.
  • New "resources" section containing campaign materials.
  • Small visual corrections.
  • Improved validation on reporting sites.

February 15th 2022

  • Improvements on the reporting form when there are empty required fields, with new indicators to indicate where the errors are
  • Improved wording around the "Report now" button which is used to skip to the end or reviewing your answers to make it clear that there is a final confirmation step needed before submission

February 9th 2022

  • A bugfix where the styles on the option editor did not always correctly load

February 7th 2022

  • Fixes a bug where new lines in comments in reports were not correctly displaying
  • New feature: Name matching. If the same name appears in multiple reports, this will be flagged at the top of the report. Please see our how to video for more details.
  • New feature: Incident type reclassification. If the incident types a reporter selected do not match those which you use for internal classification, you can change the incident types on the reporting form for more accurate analytics.

February 2nd 2022

  • Fixes a bug for complex question setups where when multiple reporting questions map to the same analytics question, only one of the reporting questions would show up when used as a "split by" criterion
  • The "pass back" button has been renamed "send back" and there is increased guidance on using it

February 1st 2022

  • Fixes a bug where if a report was open for a month, instead of saying (e.g.) "1 month 5 days" it would just say "5 days" - it now shows the total number of days and does not attempt to figure out months
  • Fixes a bug where reports with over 150 comments would sometimes crash when loading
  • Fixes a bug where reports on the very last day of the year would now show up on the over time page

January 31st 2022

  • A fix where the incorrect icon was shown for open/close within the filter panel
  • Fixes a crash where SSO users who do not yet have an account but try to sign in anyway visit the account page
  • Fixes a bug where images used within categories were not correctly uploading
  • Improved error messages within the analytics system

January 26th 2022

  • Error pages in the dashboard are now improved
  • Fixes a bug in the rich text editor on narrow screens such as phones
  • Fixes a bug where exporting all data for a site which uses block colours caused a crash

January 24th 2022

  • Fixes two bugs in the "all data" export feature.
  • Fixes a bug where changes made in the option editor were not reflected the next time you visited the page (though they were still saved to the database).
  • Adds an "unsaved changes" prompt if you leave a page after making changes but without saving them.
  • Updates to the design of the dashboard.
  • The "view report" page now shows the questions a reporter would be asked rather than the long internal questions — eg, it will now show "what is their name" rather than "what is the name of the person the incident happened to".
  • Adds instructions to help Windows users open exported zip files.
  • Fixes a small visual error in the filters slideout.
  • Improved the experience for users who log in without access to any part of the system.
  • Improved the presentation of errors which occur in the reporting sites.
  • Remove confusing option to change articles into links and vice versa. (Users should instead unpublish the existing article and create a new link to replace it.)

December 21st 2021

  • The analytics page now defaults to "this month" rather than "this week"
  • Users can now pick a solid colour, rather than an image, for campaign/support articles
  • The design of a support article page on a reporting site has been improved to make it more readable

December 20th 2021

  • Fixes a bug where admins could not load single-sign-on users' profiles

December 16th 2021

  • Fixes a bug where images did not appear correctly in the exported reports
  • Fixes a bug which allowed you to continue to comment on archived reports
  • Fixes a bug where the Google Analytics ID did not correctly display on the site settings page
  • Other minor bug visual bugfixes

December 7th 2021

  • Fixes a bug where styling didn't always correctly load for the option editor
  • Fixes a bug where removing the assigned user from a report didn't always return the report to an "unassigned" state

November 22nd 2021

  • A newly redesigned "content" page which makes it easier to re-organise your support articles and campaigns on the homepage

November 8th 2021

  • Accessibility bug fixes

November 4th 2021

  • Adds a new protective feature to the reporting site, when the user changes the tab away from the Report + Support site, the tab name changes just to be the name of the partner (not R+S) to help hide a user may be reporting
  • Allows users to specify a link in the “Send your feedback” section in the reporting site footer, not just the contact email address. It also shows the contact email address under the contact details section in the reporting site footer
  • A bug fix for the campaigns image uploader using the wrong size of image

November 3rd 2021

  • A bug fix where the 2FA setup screen didn’t close once 2FA had been successfully set up
  • Improvement: Reporting sites will now use the favicon (little browser window icon) of the main University website
  • A bug fix where “you must complete this field” errors were showing too early on the login page
  • A bug fix where “Manage reporting forms” was accidentally defaulting to on on the create team page

November 1st 2021

  • New feature: Go to report by ID, and search free text fields
  • Improvement: Customise reporting site header links. You can now fully customise the reporting site header links, rather than be limited to "Talk to us" and "Leave site"
  • A bug fix for the image redaction button showing with the wrong alignment
  • Bug fixes around where sometimes the wrong data loads into the form and then can cause people to lose work in the support articles editor
  • A bug fix where when a report is assigned to the team, it was no longer sending out emails to the team members as well as the team inbox. This is now resolved.
  • A bug fix for the add comment widget being the wrong height
  • A bug fix for some Mixpanel data being incorrectly recorded
  • A bug fix where editing the campaign banner text on the site settings page wasn’t working

October 20th 2021

  • Improvement: Emails now include report ID. Emails sent to administrators when a new report is submitted or passed back, or to caseworkers when a report is assigned to them now include the report ID to make it clear which report has been submitted/assigned.
  • New feature: Option list editor. You can now edit the options and definitions available for your incident type and department lists without raising a support ticket. You can find this in the Admin section.
  • New feature: Separate permissions for editing forms and other site content. You can now choose to allow someone to edit support articles, but not other content on your reporting forms. By default this option has been enabled for teams which have access to edit all teams.
  • Improvement: There are now better error messages when attempting to set a password which does need minimum security standards.
  • A bug fix when the two-factor authentication prompt would sometimes reappear if you refresh after enabling two-factor authentication.

September 27th 2021

  • You can now download an encrypted version of a single report or risk assessment from the system to be viewed outside of the system

September 22nd 2021

  • There is now a "My reports" quick filter in the filter panel, to quickly show reports assigned to you
  • Many visual improvements and bug fixes
  • Bug fix: The date picker now shows the 1st of the month, even if it's a Sunday
  • A more helpful error message is shown if you enter an incorrect 2FA code
  • More actions are now recorded in the audit log, including amends undertaken by Culture Shift staff

September 9th 2021

  • Free-text columns are now hidden from the reports list page (this feature was unused and added clutter to the page)
  • The password box on the exports screen now has a "copy" button to ease copying the password to the clipboard
  • You can now request to hide your site from search engines using the toggle on the general tab of the site settings page

August 31st 2021

  • New feature: Edit wording within a form. You can now edit the wording within a form including the intro and thank you page, and the introduction on each page.
  • The "content" page has been given a lick of paint
  • A bug has been fixed for some configurations of Chrome which hid the "Add comment" box off-screen

August 26th 2021

  • New feature: Risk assessments. The ability to complete a risk assessment associated with a report is now available to gold package partners. Please see the risk assessments page of the user guide (or video) for more information on this
  • New feature: Edit warnings. If you are trying to edit a piece of content at the same time as someone else, you will now receive a warning that someone else is working on that at the same time as you, to minimise the risk of saving over each other's work.
  • New feature: Outcome editing and guidance. You can now edit the list of outcomes in your system without raising a support ticket. Administrators can now see an "Administration" link in the navigation which takes you to a tab that allows you to edit the list of outcomes. You can now also give outcomes some guidance text which will show beneath the outcome on the close report screen, to help aid case workers on the correct outcomes to use.
  • Bug fix: The log out button in the updated navigation now works consistently

August 23rd 2021

  • You can now filter updates on the activity feed to only see the types of activities that are relevant to you

August 12th 2021

  • An update to adding comments to a report: adding a comment is now done by a tray at the side of the report so the report can be seen whilst comments are added

August 10th 2021

  • An update to the navigation menu on the site - it has moved to the left from the top on desktop
  • Updates to the look and feel of the reporting page - we've given this page a lick of paint and moved some information around to make it easier to find based on feedback you've given to us
  • New feature: When redacting information you can now optionally enter a rationale for that which is stored in the updates feed.
  • New feature: If a caseworker adds a comment on the feed, they can now edit that for the first hour after leaving it, to correct typos etc.
  • New feature: Exporting all data from a site. In addition to exporting report data as you can now, there is now a new option available to administrators to take an export of all data from a site in one .zip file, including support articles, attachments etc.
  • New feature: All answers, not just free text ones, can be redacted. To view the redaction controls, there is a new toggle in the sidebar.
  • New feature: Explanatory text for outcomes. Outcomes can now include explanatory text/guidance which is shown on the modal for closing a report.

August 3rd 2021

  • The dashboard now supports being accessed over IPv6 (the reporting sites have always done)

July 26th 2021

  • The interface for assigning users to a report has changed - instead of a dropdown to select a single user, you can now select multiple users using checkboxes and then press to assign. You can also quickly find a user by searching their name
  • Bug fix: If a user had capital letters in their email address, and had never logged in, resetting their password would fail

July 21st 2021

  • Users can now see their own access level on the report page

July 19th 2021

  • A bug fix where saving the background and foreground colours for custom banners in the site settings page were not correctly saved

July 15th 2021

  • If you have a tab open for a long period of time, you may start to experience errors where a new version of the dashboard has been released. You will be prompted to refresh when a new version of the dashboard has been released
  • A bug fix where under certain scenarios where inviting a new user will fail
  • Bug fix: when uploading images into the CMS, it now waits until the image upload is complete before allowing you to save the page (And preventing broken images on published articles)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, publishing 2 support articles with the same title would result in one being hidden on the website

July 13th 2021

  • New feature: Free-text fields can now optionally have character limits

July 7th 2021

  • New feature: The new filter panel on the reporting page now has a "Find a filter" option to make it easy to find a particular question or option to search by
  • Bug fix: The colour contrast warning on the site settings page was checking contrast to AAA level instead of AA so would incorrectly warn against some colour combinations which do meet AA level. This now correctly evaluates to AA level.
  • Bug fix: When editing a team which uses the "Some reports" option, opening the editor to change the "Some reports" option now opens with the current settings shown.
  • Bug fix: In the new filter panel, ticking a deleted option had no effect. Ticking now correctly applies that filter.

June 22nd 2021

  • Improvement: Validation errors on the reporting site are now made clearer
  • Improvement: A new approach to applying filters on the reporting page is now launched. Filters are now applied in a side-panel, rather than from the column headers.
  • Accessibility bug fix: If your primary brand colour is not accessible when used on a white background, we will automatically use the secondary brand colour for the headers (using black if neither provides sufficient contrast).

June 16th 2021

  • Changing lots of filters quickly could cause the reports page to crash, this has now been resolved
  • Data quality improvements

Previously, the filtering options on the reports list page would only let you filter by the options currently on your form. This made it harder to filter for historical reports, where the option has been changed so is no longer on the form. In the new filtering panel, options that were previously on your form but have been removed are now also shown if they exist - to see these, select the toggle to show the deleted options. This is to make it easier to analyse your historical reports.

Similarly, if you are using the “some reports” team permissions feature, and have changed a question which is used to define permissions for a team, they would lose access to the historical reports if the options they used were changed. You can now customise the permissions for “Some cases” teams to also allow them to see historical reports where a deleted option was used.

Culture Shift now also have the ability to tidy up your deleted options. For example, if you had previously changed an options in your “Who are you reporting on behalf of” question from “Myself” to “Me” (for example), we can combine the deleted option “Myself” with “Me” so that filtering on “Me” also shows historical reports answered with “Myself”. If you would like us to do this, please take a moment to review the list of options and deleted options within your new filter panel, and contact us via SupportBee letting us know the questions and the exact names of the options you wish to combine. The reports screen will always show the text the user actually submitted, this just combines the options for analytics, filtering and team permissions purposes.

June 10th 2021

  • An accessiblity bug for headers on the campaigns page has been fixed
  • If you are on a status tab in the reports screen, and apply an additional filter, it is now shown that you are also explicitly filtering on the status
  • New feature: you can now enable an option at the end of the report to show reporters a copy of what they are about to submit - please raise a SupportBee to enable this feature

June 7th 2021

  • A bug has been fixed where uploading category images would crop to the wrong size
  • Accessibility of multiple choice questions in the reporting form has been improved
  • A bug has been fixed where some users with old saved bookmarks for report searches would experience an error when visiting those bookmarks
  • A bug has been fixed where you could redact an empty string
  • New feature: when viewing a report, both the name of the option group and the option itself are shown in the report viewer (for example, both the faculty and the department if you are using a multi-level option list)
  • Re-opening a closed report will return to the assigned state if there were still caseworkers assigned to it
  • Culture Shift have been cleaning up old report data for analytics to improve the usability of the analytics system and removing duplicate categories where option names have been changed

June 3rd 2021

  • The error message for users who have failed to log in is now clearer
  • A bug fix for phone number validation in reporting forms
  • A bug fix for a rare issue where saving a chart from analytics sometimes breaks
  • The words used for the random password generator have been changed to avoid accidentally using words which might be inappropriate (previously it would randomly pick any dictionary word) - as there are now fewer words to pick from, the Excel exports are now 4 words long rather than 3 to maintain security
  • A major change to support data cleanliness in analytics - we can now fix data for customers for renamed/deleted options, so reports with the old name are correctly recategorised for analytics under the new name
  • A bug fix for setting up teams on small screens
  • A bug fix when the reports screen sometimes got stuck in a broken state
  • A bug fix where unpublished support articles would still be shown on the thank you page
  • Improvements to accessibility of the reporting site

May 20th 2021

  • The users/teams page now refers to reports, not cases, to be consistent with the reports tab
  • The behaviour of the “Export” button on the reports page is now simplified, rather than doing different things based on which ones you press there is now a single button which when you press it gives you more options
  • Performance improvements to the reports list page
  • If any filters are applied to the reports list page, this is now more obvious. It also shows you the total number of reports matched by the filters.
  • Questions in forms can now verify that an email address or phone number is entered before continuing, rather than just being a plain free text field
  • If an amend results in deleting/renaming an option that is used for team permissions, previously updating the filter to the new option would result in that sub-team not being able to see reports that were submitted using the old option. This has been enhanced so that the deleted option is also available to be chosen from as a filter to ensure old reports remain visible to sub-teams
  • If an amend results in an option being renamed, rather than the old option and new option remaining separate, this data can now be tidied.

May 12th 2021

  • Bug fixes relating to users accessing the dashboard on a tablet
  • A bug fix where if a user passes back a report but it’s still assigned to the team, it now correctly unassigns it from the team and considers teams to determine whether the report is being passed back to the admins or just handled by another team

April 23rd 2021

  • A major redesign of how reports in different statues on the reports listing page is shown, removing the multiple tables which had caused confusion

April 15th 2021

  • External pages (such as privacy notices) can now redirect to other pages
  • The process of setting up privacy notices for new partners has been simplified

April 14th 2021

  • A bug fix for the dashboard mobile view
  • If a user copies and pastes a password from an email and accidentally includes a space at the beginning/end, this is now removed to reduce a common form of login errors

April 13th 2021

  • A bug fix for the layout of the site settings page
  • The reports listing page has had major visual updates to make information clearer
  • The reports listing page now has better support for users on a mobile phone
  • The date picker on the analytics page is now more powerful and easier to use
  • A bug fix when pressing back on the login page when resetting passwords

March 29th 2021

  • Visual improvements to the new site settings page
  • Visual improvements to the reports listing page
  • The wording on the reporting sites has changed to “There are X ways you can tell us what happened” rather than “There are X ways to report something”
  • Reporting sites can now optionally be shown as in partnership with Culture Shift

March 18th 2021

  • A bug fix where re-ordering a large number of articles and categories failed to correctly save

March 17th 2021

  • The message a reporter receives if they have not selected an option item has been improved to make it clearer

March 15th 2021

  • An improved site settings page based on feedback to make it easier to manage your own site's branding
  • When deleting some content, you are now asked to confirm the action
  • Bug fixes for using the dashboard on smaller screen sizes
  • The team permissions summary on the user/teams page has been improved to introduce clarity

March 9th 2021

  • An accessibility bug fix where the colours of the forgot password link on the login page had insufficient contrast
  • Visual improvements to the analytics at a glance page
  • A bug fix relating to creating/editing teams with custom report filters
  • The column selector on the reports page has been redesigned

March 8th 2021

  • A quick way of making links to particular forms within the content editor now exists

March 2nd 2021

  • A bug fix where rectangular images in the new image uploader were stretched to be square

February 25th 2021

  • A bug fix which stopped some reports migrated from V1 systems being opened
  • An improved design for the 2FA setup panel
  • The support articles editor now includes a link to the site

February 24th 2021

  • A new and improved image uploader. Images uploaded are now resized and optimised for the web, rather than having to do this in advance, and it allows you to crop within the application to the correct size.

February 18th 2021

  • A bug fix when editing very large support article pages, they now save correctly

February 16th 2021

  • A number of small accessibility improvements to the reporting sites have been made
  • Improvements for the relationship managers to make amends quicker

February 15th 2021

  • A number of improvements relating to loading spinners and confirmation boxes have been made
  • The quality of data used in the analytics system has improved, any freetext entered into an "Other" box is no longer shown in the analytics system
  • Accessibility improvements to the reporting site such that definitions of incident types are no longer hidden

February 10th 2021

  • A bug has been fixed where exporting a large number of reports was failing
  • Performance improvements have been made to the reports list screen

February 6th 2021

  • A bug has been fixed where some images were not showing in the report viewer screen
  • A bug has been fixed where attaching multiple overly large images would not show the correct error message

February 1st 2021

  • A bug has been fixed where switching between named/anonymous reporting routes on the thank you page would fail (this bug has existed since January 28th)
  • A bug has been fixed where some optional questions where being incorrectly skipped (this bug has existed since January 28th)

January 25th 2021

  • A bugfix for the teams page so setting the filter on “some cases” works correctly following the redesign
  • Visual improvements to the dashboard pages
  • Allows the search filter on the users page to be cleared by pressing ‘x’
  • Case is no longer considered when logging in using an email address or resetting a password
  • The “down arrow” on the reporting site (the one that appears underneath the hero banners/bubbles etc) has been removed
  • If the “Report Now” button is enabled on a page, but no explanatory text has been entered, then some default text will now be shown
  • In the template for HE sites, “I’m not sure” is a new option in the best practice questions for incident type, and all the support articles on the HE demo site will be copied into their site.
  • A bug has been fixed where if a user hasn’t attached any images to a report, then the message in the dashboard shows “This image is invalid or corrupt” message on the report viewer. This is now going to be fixed so it doesn’t show anything if the user hasn’t uploaded an image. This will only apply to new reports though, old reports will still incorrectly show the “invalid” message in the case a reporter hasn’t uploaded any images.

January 19th 2021

  • Visual improvements to page paddings and alignments and some minor bug fixes
  • The users page can now be sorted through clicking on the header

January 7th 2021

  • Users can now set up 2FA without scanning a QR code using a textual alternative

January 6th 2021

  • Improvements to the users and teams listing pages.
  • Fixes a bug where ticks did not appear on "I agree" style checkboxes in reporting sites

January 4th 2021

  • Improvements and a new design for the create and edit user and team forms. The process is now differentiated between SSO and non-SSO universities to simplify it based on your choices
  • Bug fix for users activating two-factor authentication

December 21st 2020

  • Improvement: New SSO login flow. The screen where you choose your SSO provider has been redesigned and now remembers your selection between sessions.

December 14th 2020

  • New feature: Analytics-only permissions. You can now separately grant someone access to your analytics pages without also giving them access to all reports.
  • New feature: Show report number on thank you page. You can now optionally show the ID of the submitted report on the thank you page (please contact support if you would like to enable this).
  • Improvement: The open and assign time columns in the Excel export are now numbers, meaning they are sortable.
  • Improvement: When making a report, a loading screen is now shown in the event that many images are attached which can be shown, this makes it more obvious.
  • Improvement: You can now look at the "suspected cause" in your analytics system
  • Bug fix: if the report pages crashes you can now reset it to recover from the crash.
  • Bug fix: Previously, trying to remove images from a report when there were multiple images would fail, this no longer occurs.

November 23rd 2020

  • New feature: Allow "early submit" on reporting forms. Your reporting forms can now optionally show a "report now" on pages before the end, allowing a reporter to skip over optional questions. To enable this feature on your forms, please raise a support ticket to contact your relationship manager.
  • Improvement: The login screens are now redesigned to provide a smoother experience and better work on smaller screens.
  • Several bug fixes relating to the content editor in the CMS have been made.

November 10th 2020

  • Improvement: Highlighting reports awaiting action. Reports which require you to take an action (if you're an administrator, ones awaiting assignment, or if you're a caseworker, ones assigned to you or your team which are awaiting acceptance) are shown above the main reports list on the reports list page.

November 9th 2020

  • Improvement: File size upload limits for image questions are now per image, rather that in total. Reporters can upload multiple files each of up to 8MB (as opposed to the previous limit of 6MB for all uploads) without receiving an error.

November 4th 2020

  • Bug fix: Spam reports are now correctly ignored on the "At A Glance" page
  • Improvement: If long text is entered into a single line text box on the frontend, it is now shown as multiline on the reports list page.
  • Improvements to site look and feel.

October 29th 2020

  • Improvement to Excel data exports. The Excel data exports now include an additional sheet of all of the comments and updates made to each report. Additionally, a new button next to the reports list allows you to export the list maintaining the order, selected filters and selected columns of that particular search, in addition to the existing button to export all data.
  • Improvements to accessibility of the admin dashboard.

October 26th 2020

  • New feature: Protected questions. A team can now have some questions marked as "protected", which means that users in that team will not be able to see any answers made to those questions.

October 15th 2020

  • Improvement: Retain answers when switching between forms. When a reporter starts off in one reporting form and then selects a link to switch to another, any answers for questions shared between both forms are retained as the user completes the second form.
  • Improvement: All delete buttons now ask for confirmation. All delete buttons in the app now ask for confirmation, rather than just some.

October 7th 2020

  • New feature: Allow Culture Shift consultants access to your analytics data. If you are working with the Culture Shift success team to generate annual reports, you can now control access to your analytics data of Culture Shift consultants to undertake this analysis. You remain in charge of who has access to your data at all times.
  • Improvement: The Account Settings page has been redesigned to improve the usability of the page.
  • Bug fix: If the last page of a form contained a required multiple choice question, then the form could be submitted without the question being completed. This is now fixed.
  • Updates: Our best practice questions have been updated following feedback to clarify disclosure obligations, and to capture religion/faith.

September 22nd 2020

  • New feature: Multi-languages. You can now have your public facing reporting/supporting website in non-English languages, or have a non-English alternative to your main reporting website (please contact your partnership manager to set this up and to ask about particular languages).

September 8th 2020

  • Bug fix: SSO users will no longer be incorrectly prompted to set up two factor authentication

September 7th 2020

  • Various design and usability improvements
  • Bug fix: Selecting an open-ended specific date range on the analytics page will no longer crash the page

August 27th 2020

  • New feature: Custom teams by reporting form. In addition to being able to create an admin team that only have access to a subset of reports based on how questions have been answered, you can now limit that access based on which form and site was used to submit a report.

August 25th 2020

  • New feature: Exclude spam reports from export. Generating an Excel reports export now allows you to exclude reports marked as spam to make analysis easier.
  • Improvement: Report filters and sorts are remembered between sessions. If you return to the reports list page, it will remember what your previous settings were, rather than reset to default.
  • Bug fix: Mobile usability improvements for the admin.

July 20th 2020

  • New feature: Report analysis. This is a feature that had previously been in "beta". This allows you to view key figures at a glance and analyse the breakdown of various characteristics in a report in chart form, including exporting the charts.

July 15th 2020

  • Bug fix: Uploading large images. Previously, uploading a large image in a report would result in an Internal Server Error. The report form will now reject large images in advance of them being uploaded, to give a better user experience.

May 27th 2020

  • New feature: Bookmark searches. You are now enable to use your web browsers favourites/bookmark feature to bookmark your filter settings on the reports list page. Set your filters using the filter icons on the column headers, and then save the link to your browser or with colleagues to save that particular search.

May 11th 2020

  • New feature: Google Analytics. You can now enable Google Analytics on your reporting site. If you do this, a cookie banner will appear and you must ensure your site's privacy policy covers the use of Google Analytics and links to the opt out page. Please see the knowledge base for more information.

April 21st 2020

  • New feature: Show report triage time. The length of time a report is/was unassigned for (pending triage) is now shown on the reports listing page and the individual report page. Please note that for reports that were migrated from Report + Support Version 1 this information will show as "Unknown".

April 16th 2020

  • Improvement: You can now reset a user's password once the initial password has expired without having to delete and re-add the user.
  • Beta feature: Report trends and analysis. This allows you to view a high-level overview of the number of reports within your system broken down by reporting form, outcome, incident type, reporter role, the reason a user answered anonymously and department/faculty. You can see changing trends over time, see the breakdown of one category by another category, filter by date range and compare one time period to another. This is a beta feature not yet available to all customers.

March 26th 2020

  • Improvement: Open time is included the Excel export of reports

March 10th 2020

  • Improvement: It's now possible to see the most recent updates first on the report viewing screen.

February 26th 2020

  • New feature: Image questions. Image questions can now be added to report forms. Image questions can be used to allow reporters to upload images, for example, screenshots or other documentary evidence.
  • Bug fix: Exporting reports in Edge 44 will now work correctly.

February 18th 2020

  • New feature: Select a group when picking options to filter by. When selecting options to filter by on the reports list, you can now select an entire option group (for example, if you have a question where departments are grouped by faculty, you can select all options in that faculty all at once).
  • Improvement: Assigning a report to a user or team removes that user/team from the list of users the report can be assigned to, this prevents users accidentally assigning a report to the same user multiple times and generating multiple e-mails.

January 29th 2020

  • New feature: Attach images and other documents to a report. Caseworkers can now upload images and other attachments to a report, using the buttons in the Updates tab of a report.
  • Bug fix: if an SSO user is created in the wrong team, you can now change which team they are in without having to delete and re-add the user.
  • Bug fix: some SSO configurations have had issues logging in using Edge. The issue is now resolved in the latest version of Edge (Edge 79).

January 21st 2020

  • New feature: Show report open time. The length of time a report is/was open for is now shown on the reports listing page and the individual report page.
  • New feature: Separate settings for e-mail notifications on new reports and assignments. The e-mail notification setting on the Manage Account page now has separate settings for receiving e-mail notifications on new reports and receiving e-mail notifications when a report is assigned to you or your team.

January 14th 2020

  • New feature: Self-service branding/site template updates. You can now edit various settings of your reporting websites relating to the look and feel. There are also new tools for Culture Shift staff to speed up ticket resolution times.

December 18th 2019

  • New feature: Redaction permission control. Previously, any user who had access to a report could redact the information on it, this new feature means a team must also have an explicit redaction permission. This defaults to turned off, so any administrators must enable it for any teams that are currently enabled.

December 11th 2019

  • New feature: Site notices. You can now use the CMS to add a special notice to your public reporting site. This could be used, for example, to notify reporters that reports may take longer than usual to be responded to over the holidays. This is shown on the "Manage Settings" page linked to from the Site page.

December 4th 2019

  • New feature: Team e-mail notifications. It is now possible to give an e-mail address to a team (such as a shared inbox). When this is done, that shared inbox will receive an e-mail notification of a new or assigned report, similar to how individual users do now.
  • Bug fix: in some enterprise security configurations, Internet Explorer will fail to load custom branding for a public reporting site. In this event, fallback branding will load instead which will leave the site usable.

November 27th 2019

  • New feature: Custom report access for teams. Teams can now be given a "custom" report access level. Teams with this level will only be able to access reports where a question has been answered in a particular way, or where a report has been directly assigned to them. For example, you could have a team that can only see reports made by students, and another team that can only see reports made by staff.
  • After creating new content, you will now be taken back to the site screen, rather than stay on the editing page for that content

November 19th 2019

  • When a choice question includes an "Other" option, it can now be made optional whether or not the "Other" textbox requires information to be specified

November 12th 2019

  • New feature: Context-Aware Question Titles. The title of a question in a form can now vary based on how reporters have answered other questions in the form. For example, if you have a question asking "Are you reporting on behalf of yourself or someone else" and you answer "yourself", a later question in the same form of "How did you or the person you are reporting on behalf of know the alleged perpetrator?" could then be set to be either "How did you know the alleged perpetrator?" if "myself" is selected for the earlier question, or "How did they know the alleged perpetrator?" if "someone else" is selected.
  • Bug fix: Category headers on category pages use the correct branding colour.
  • Bug fix: Using the back button to go back to a saved filter now works correctly.

October 31st 2019

  • New features for the support team to update questions and forms, to speed up ticket resolution times for changes.

October 15th 2019

  • New feature: Reports can now be assigned to teams rather than just individuals.
  • Bug fix: New users will now receive e-mail notifications by default.
  • The "Talk To Us" link on the site can be customised.
  • PDFs can now be uploaded to content pages.

October 2nd 2019

  • Support articles can now send users directly to content not hosted on the Report + Support site

September 24th 2019

  • Users who use Internet Explorer 11 will no longer receive incorrect colours when visiting the website

September 18th 2019

  • A number of bug fixes and new colour settings to reporting site have been added
  • Reporting forms can be hidden from the front page

September 4th 2019

  • Version 2 leaves beta
  • Support for skipping a question in a form based on the answer to a previous question has been added
  • Version 2 can now migrate data from a version 1 database into the new secure database

July 30th 2019

  • Beta release of version 2
  • Customers can now configure single-sign on with SAML 2 to add users to their organisations
  • Users can now add two-factor auth using TOTP authentication to their accounts if they are using e-mail/password login
  • Users can now be added to teams, and a user’s permission level is derived from the team they are in
  • Updates to a report are now recorded in an activity feed
  • Users can now redact personal information from report fields without Culture Shift’s involvement
  • Exports from the system are now password-protected Excel spreadsheets
  • Content editors can now upload multiple images into an article
  • A single organisation can now have multiple public-facing frontends targeting different audiences but collecting data into the same database
  • Brand new look & feel of reporting interface
  • New, more secure, database architecture
  • Increased flexibility in form structure, each form can be radically different from another