A note about the pre-defined question types

In the In Detail view, you can split the data by a number of pre-defined dimensions. These include metadata like which form a report was made on or what outcome it had, as well as question data such as the reporter's gender (if provided).

In some cases, you could have more than one "gender" question in your system, either because an old one was replaced, or the question is slightly different on two forms. In this case, both questions will be included in the analysis, and any identical options grouped together automatically. Users can apply additional grouping if needed.

Users on the Gold package can analyse the questions individually by selecting the question rather than the predefined "gender" dimension.

The pre-defined analysis dimensions are:

  • The type of incident being reported
  • Which report form was used (e.g., anonymous/contact an advisor)
  • The outcomes of closed reports
  • The relationship of the reporter to the organisation
  • The department of the reporter
  • The reason a reporter reported anonymously
  • The gender identity of the reporter
  • Whether or not the reporter's gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth
  • The ethnicity of the reporter
  • The sexual identity of the reporter
  • The age group of the reporter
  • The disabilities of the reporter
  • The faith/religion of the reporter